Safety First In Homes

With the state of society, crime is a problem no matter where in the world you stay. If you don’t ensure that it is difficult to break into a house, you are most likely to be robbed. Therefore like fixtures and fittings, security installations are now common to the point that it is almost a standard practice like laying piping in the house. The following are some home safety measures that you can use to keep your home and family safe.


Home surveillance is a security measure that has two purposes. The first and it’s primary purpose is to act as a means for you to apprehend a criminal after they commit the crime. The second, if placed in places that is visible to the outside, act as a deterrent to prevent crimes from happening. To this extent cctv cameras Melbourne are the way to go. How many cameras depend on how secure you want to make the home. You can get away with having only the bear minimum to cover the parameters to ensure safety. One thing to note importantly is to make sure the system you get has the ability to store the recordings on the cloud in a secure manner. Otherwise if the recordings are kept on tape in the house, the thief can steal these as well and render the cameras useless.

Protective Fences

The next line of defense in home security Melbourne is the use of fences around the house that are not easy to get over.For those who are extremely conscious about security, barbed wire roles are the way to go. These are a real problem for criminals as they are highly likely to get entangled in these. Additionally if the barbed wire is made properly, then it is even hard to cut through. Alternatively it is possible to add spikes or broken glass pieces depending on the budget and your homes look. These while not as secure as barbed wire roles, are sufficient to act as a good deterrent and keep all except the most determined criminals out.

Securing the Windows

Given that the doors facing the outside are sufficiently strongthen what is needed is a proper a way to secure the windows. The reasoning behind this that a glass window is not sufficiently strong to keep criminals out. All that is needed is for the criminal to do is to break the glass, put their hand in and unlatch the window. Therefore a more appropriate security measure is to put metal grills on the windows. This will mean that even though the glass can be broken the criminal won’t be able to get past the grilled windows without some specialized tools. However one important point to note is that if the grill be being screwed into the window, then it is better to weld the screw heads to prevent criminals from simply unscrewing the grill and getting in.These are some basic security measures that anyone can take to make sure that your house is safe to an acceptable degree.